Pimp my FitBit

Yep, the cold is getting to me. I’m bored. I thought about buying a pink flex band but I am too cheap to spend that much money on just one color… so I grabbed my daughter’s neon nail polishes and gave it my own little makeover. I had to use neon because it was the […]

Have you fallen off the wagon yet?

It’s mid January, how are your resolution goals going? Mine are off to a rocky start, but I expected as much since I only like to run outside (and my treadmill was a casualty of recent flooding). My goal of 30 miles per week has been reduced to 20 right now, but I am eyeballing […]

10k Friday Morning!

This morning I took advantage of the warm weather and got my butt out of bed 1/2 hour earlier to give myself time to run my 10k for USRoadRunning.com‘s monthly get out and run program. I started running at 4:30 (AM!) and it was 49 degrees here in Ohio. I couldn’t believe it. I ran […]